Those of you who follow Jim Brock Photography or know of my work, also know how deeply it is tied to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival (“Jazz Fest”) as an inspiration. I have been attending Jazz Fest for over 20 years, and shooting from both sides of the rail for almost as long. It is hands down the greatest musical event on the planet and after two years of a COVID pause (and three years since Jazz Fest 50) Jazz Fest is back later this month, making the timing of the release of this Kennedy-Marshall full length theatrical feature right on the heels of its return, well, so Jazz Fest. Those who go, know what I mean. No matter where you land, how you marked up your cubes down to the minute, whatever the elements throw at you, you’re exactly where you should be.

Such a film is long overdue. As described in “The Wrap’s” review of the film’s SXSW premier, Jazz Fest is “gloriously overwhelming”. So, if trying to capture the experience on digital celluloid is akin to fishing with your hands, the Kennedy-Marshall team is probably up for it. Yes, I’m psyched to experience this in a big boy theatre with friends and family who’ve yet to jump in to the life changing experience we all call Jazz Fest. But I’m especially psyched that Jim Brock Photography is attached to the project in any way, having licensed a number of still images that (hopefully) made it into the final cut.

Check out the trailer (and if you blink and squint at the same time, I’m in the pit at the 1:44 mark), and go see “Jazz Fest: A New Orleans Story” when it hits theaters May 13th. 

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