May 18, 2022 After three years of a pandemic pause in an ever wobbly world, the 51st New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival returned, and in a big way. Around 475,000 attended the seven days of  music, culture, food and art spread over two weekends, 13 stages and 500+ acts. This was my 18th […]

  April 20, 2022 Next week brings the return of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival after three years and a radically changed world. So, the timing of being  featured on the latest Talking Threadheads YouTube episode couldn’t be better. Hosts Chris Joseph and Nicole Snyder are deep into season 2 of their interview […]

Those of you who follow Jim Brock Photography or know of my work, also know how deeply it is tied to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival (“Jazz Fest”) as an inspiration. I have been attending Jazz Fest for over 20 years, and shooting from both sides of the rail for almost as long. […]

At the end of 2021, the documentary “A Year in the Pit” was screened at the Culver City Film Festival and was available for a brief pay per view window. I posted about the film at the time, and am proud of my inclusion alongside some the best in the business that were also featured […]

There is no rewind to this year, nor any fast forward. We are stuck in uncertainty. A year ago, the prospect of live music coming back, let alone shows of major touring scale, was the stuff of pure fantasy in a locked down world. Now, after months of measuring risk and meaning amidst global turbulence […]

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